2010 India's Best Companies to Work For

The 2010 study reports on how companies have nurtured their human capital in the face of the downturn, while taking some bold initiatives to maintain the topline and bottomline growth.
There are companies out there which believe in the age-old 'home-away-from-home' principle and go all out to create a 'family' of workers, while others maintain a high fun quotient around their core activity.
1) Google India Pvt Ltd
Location: Bangalore
Profile: Online Search, Online Advertising & Online Applications
Number of employees: 1,259
Founded in India: 1998
Gender Ratio (F/M): 1:0.99
Voluntary turnover: 30%
It was an accidental misspelling that got Google its name but that's where the accidents end at the Google headquarters in RMZ Infinity, Bangalore. "Any good place to work is no accident," says Manoj Varghese, the APAC HR director. "And it's not just about beanbags."
Googlers work hard at making their workplace rock. At a time when break-out spots and recreational zones have started to become almost de rigueur, Googlers have taken it one step further: to the washrooms
2) MakeMyTrip (India)
Location: Gurgaon
Profile: Airline tickets, Hotels, Bus and Rail ticket, Holiday Packages
Number of employees: 674
Founded in India: 2000
Gender Ratio (F/M): 1:2.55
Voluntary turnover: 23.89%
The trademark red-yellow-blue segues into the walls, halls and overalls. From basement up level three, prominent MakeMyTrip colours exude energy, passion and an unparalleled sense of achievement among 650-odd people tripping over travel across 40,000 square feet in glitzy Gurgaon's Udyog Vihar.
For in ten years flat, their travel portal makemytrip.com finds itself right on top of the heap with nearly half of India's online travel and hotel bookings. And that's not all
3) Intel Technology India
Location: Bangalore
Profile: Information Technology
Number of employees: 2,430
Founded in India: 1988
Gender Ratio (F/M): 1:3.99
Voluntary turnover: 4.4%
Intel Inside is not just a cold technology-driven statement of purpose. At least, not for the rank and file at Intel, aptly dubbed Intellites. Intel Inside is something that drives them through avenues that have little to do with microprocessors and clock speeds.
4) Marriott Hotels India
Location: Mumbai
Profile: Hospitality
Number of employees: 2,433
Founded in India: 1927
Gender Ratio (F/M): 1:9.01
Voluntary turnover: 27.37%
Why does Marriott make it to every survey of the world's best companies to work for? Is it because they respectfully call their employees "associates"? Is it because J.W. Marriott Jr., the CEO, makes it a point to visit some 250 hotels a year and meet with employees down the line?
Is it because senior executives like Rajeev Menon, Area Vice President, India, Malaysia, Maldives and Pakistan, make it a point to not just greet every employee when they walk into a hotel but also give them a little pat on their?
5) NetApp India
Location: Bangalore
Profile: Information Storage Products
Number of employees: 1042
Founded in India: 1992
Gender Ratio (F/M): 1:4.51
Voluntary turnover: 5.95%
Set foot into NetApp India's headquarters in Bangalore and chances are ping-pong balls would be whizzing past your head, football passes glide through cubicles, this is a place definitely not for those who consider their work-life as part of a calibrated approach.
6) American Express
Location: Gurgaon
Profile: Financial Services
Number of employees: 5,200
Founded in India: 2006
Gender Ratio (F/M): 1:1.33
Voluntary turnover: 15.00%
Amex, over the last few years, has been working to building a Gen Next workplace as its 'ecosystem for the future', which is young, vibrant and diverse in the true sense.
Today, American Express in India comprises 43% women; overall, 46% of its employees are Gen Y; 75% of new hires are Gen Y and 92% of its leaders belong to the Gen X. It is this eclectic mix of people that Varma hopes would lead the company into the future
Location: New Delhi
Profile: Energy
Number of employees: 24,708
Founded in India: 1975
Gender Ratio (F/M): 1:8.11
Voluntary turnover: 0.12%
The Rs 49,478.86-crore power major employs about 25,000 die-hard loyalists, who take pride in the 35-year-old brand and its empowerment attributes. Call it branding through inspiration-setting up power stations in record time, lighting every fourth bulb in the country, manpower productivity et al.
8) PayPal India
9) Ajuba Solutions India
Location: Chennai
Profile: Healthcare Revenue Cycle Management
Number of employees: 1612
Founded in India: 2000
Gender Ratio (F/M): 1:1.41
Voluntary turnover: 23.45%
The 23.45% attrition at Ajuba, a Chennai-based healthcare BPO may be in line with industry norms. But those who stay back, get more than their due. With "inspired people, inspired results" as its central theme, the company works continuously at keeping its rank-and-file motivated.
10) SAS Institute (India)
Location: Mumbai
Profile: Business Analytics
Number of employees: 108
Founded in India: 1996
Gender Ratio (F/M): 1:5.75
Voluntary turnover: 13.89%
Located in an old building in one of South Mumbai's most pleasant neighbourhoods, the office of SAS Institute India seems large and spacious, until you realise the company employs 108 people.
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