The Value of an MBA

As a career choice an MBA is a highly debatable degree , specially with the number of colleges sprouting up across the world. The choice of where and when to do an MBA is a highly subjective one. The purpose of this post is not to give an exact figure of where and when to do ab MBA but sort of t give you a guideline as to the choices you may need to consider.
Where – there are quite a few criteria which sprout up when you consider these choices. There are established educational Institutes providing High Quality MBA’s and there are a few colleges which would not necessarily come into your mind unless you have done thorough research but which match if not exceed the Quality of these established players.
When making a choice of an MBA its its very important to look within and try to find out the reasons for doing an MBA and then letting this reason be the guiding factor for you. Here are some o the reasons that I have come across
1) For better job prospects: this is a questionable driving force for joining an MBA , its always better to have a more well thought approach to an MBA . An MBA is an investment in yourself and if chosen well any MBA would add this value to you . But if this is your prime reason for joining an MBA you need to reconsider to make a better choice of school.
2) Have a Business Idea need tools to make it into a reality – Well if you are the creative sorts and have business ideas , no matter how far-fetched they seem it would be a good Idea to join an MBA programme which has specialization in Entrepreneurship. There are many schools who offer this . Do remember that sometimes this process can be disillusional and can bring you to more concrete reality. So an idea might be rejected but from the MBA you would learn to build more grounded business plans and to be a better critique of the business plan.
3) Haven’t got a clue but am sure an MBA will help - Its a better idea to choose schools which offer a more holistic approach to the MBA , an MBA can be used as a navigational tool , to chart out a career path for yourself as you move ahead in the MBA. Here its more about a trial an error methods and I would advise aspirants driven by this motivation to focus on the MBA experience and make a choice within the programme.
3) Well I think I have tried my hand in strategy and I want to learn more about it / Want to join a consultancy - For people who have given deep thought to their past experiences its a good idea to Join an MBA which is strong in strategy eg Harvard , Strathclyde etc. The process of the MBA would equip you with tools to identify the need for , create , implement and to test out Strategies.
4) I want to specialize the answer for such people is simple choose a school renowned for your specialization ad go for it full hearted.
Other things to consider - Duration of course 1 yr – 2 yrs, Return of Income, Class size , ability to network
An MBA is a learning experience its not so much about the actual learning its more about how you apply this in life. Its not an educational course its a course in changing your life , I would re comment it to all , but its important to know or to identify the take backs that you need from the course well in advance.


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