How to job search using social media

Today Social media is the fast growing medium for jobseekers. Both jobseekers and employers are using social media sites to get jobs and recruit employees.

With Facebook, you can also create your own webpage, as is the case with LinkedIn and Twitter. With LinkedIn, jobseekers should create their CV in a paper format and then map that data out onto their LinkedIn profile.

“Put up a photograph and list out, in detail, the bullet points of your responsibilities. Go so far as creating a PowerPoint presentation, giving a portfolio around some aspect of your work. Start quickly connecting. I strongly suggest joining groups within your profession and to start debating in some of the discussions.”

IT professionals for the mid-west, advises people to look at the LinkedIn profile of a company if they are going for an interview with them. IT professional looking for work should have a LinkedIn account, as more and more employers are using it to source top talent. Facebook and Twitter are used by employers as a form of reference, but also they are advertising their jobs on Twitter.

Skype and webinars are playing key role in getting the jobs. We're finding that there's a lot more interviews being set up via Skype. It's making the process move quite quickly.


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